Put Yourself Out There

One of my first acts in altering the system we live in was to participate in the Minneapolis Park(ing) Day, on September 21st. A brave soul started this event in San Francisco in 2006 by occupying a parking space for the entire day, to make a statement about the way we use urban public spaces. Now this is an annual tradition, every year having citizens take private city space and make it their own. For my parking space I decided to make a statement about Minnesota’s coal use, while of course promoting for Students of Sustainability. Image

It was really great to see parking spaces to be used creatively by different resides. Especially for myself, who is interested in tactical urban design, it was note worthy  how people can make streets livable by taking away the emphasis of the automobile. It was a little difficult through to talk to people because of the notions people have about sustainability and the political ties it has. However, we did have a conversion with one student, who was so inclined to dance on the street with our signs, chanting, “Cut that coal, ” which is anything anyone could ever hope to have in their day.

I have never been one to put myself out there and vocalize my opinions, but through my involvement in the sustainability movement, I have found it refreshing to talk to others about how our society and environment are so intertwined.




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