Many times in a semester all of my work seems to end up to revolve around one subject. This fall it my studies have chosen a interesting route; waste. In my last post I explained my thoughts  that led me to this discourse, and what I have done to engage sustainable waste collection in the local twin cities community. However, my most recent endeavor has been on a larger scale; India. 

Through my participation with the Acara program, (through the institute on the environment), I have been given the opportunity, along with my other team members, to construct a business plan to address one of India’s many challenges. My plan has decided to create Subajawalla, a door-to-door waste collection in urban households in Bhubaneswar, India. This collection will be done by waste pickers who would otherwise be scrounging landfills to earn a living. Furthermore, this plan requires segregation of waste into wet and dry waste. Wet waste will be composted and dry waste will be sold as recyclables as a profit for the waste pickers. Through this process, almost 85% of the waste will be diverted from the landfill. In February 2014 our team will be participating in a the Acara challenge to be funded to pilot the plan this summer. Creating this plan has taken a great deal of effort, time, and stress, but I happy to have learned so much about solutions out there and the potential to positively affect society through waste alleviation. 



Image by Enrico Fabian Photography


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