Technology for Change

Often in sustainability courses, technology is cited as one of the main components that got us in the whole mess. However, like many issues, it still has potential to help us move towards where we need to be. Especially in the area of communication, it has great power to connect events and communities all over the world. Many organizations, such as and the Sierra Club thrive from online discussions, and use this as their platform to advocate for environmental issues. 

Thus, for this challenge, I decided to incorporate this into the work I do for Global Site Plans. For my internship I have with them, I am responsible for writing a blog for an online forum for city planning and architecture issues in the Twin Cities. For all of posts this semester, I challenged myself to incorporate ecological issues into the blog, and always ask questions to how we can design our communities to be more resiliently in the future. Some of the titles have included (all are linked to the blog);

While I may not get as much publicity as high profile environmental groups, its been a great experience to research issues pertinent to my local community, and to spark discussion, such as the one below on the role of biking in Minneapolis:



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